Doing Hemp The Right Way

How to Buy CBD Oil Online

Every person has his own endocannabinoid system, physiological makeup and health condition. Thus, a CBD oil product that has proved potent for one will not automatically do the same for others. This may not be very encouraging for someone who is new to CBD oil. After all, we all want quick and easy results. But as longtime CBD oil users would say, nothing beats doing your own research.

Below are tips that will lead you to the right CBD oil product:

Product Specifications

First of all, see to it that the CBD oil product you buy does have CBD in it. For many new buyers, hempseed oil is mistaken as one and the same with CBD oil, but these two are markedly different. Also decide if you want your product full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate. If you’re subject to drug testing, you may want to avoid full-spectrum CBD oil as its THC may show in the results.

Reputable Brand

There are countless companies that sell CBD oil products these days. Some are legit companies with a solid reputation in the market, while others are fly-by-night operations that have no accountability. When considering a particular seller, ask for third-party lab reports for their product. This is the only valid way of knowing what that product actually contains. And it’s an easy way of finding out whether the seller is legit or not. If they can’t provide any reports, that’s your hint.

Customer Reviews

If you would like to know more about the different brands and products out there, spend time to read online reviews. There’s nothing like hearing it straight from actual users. Of course, not all reviews are authentic, but you will be safe if you stick to third-party consumer websites like Angie’s List or Yelp. You can also check out the brand’s social media pages and go over the comments. Social media might actually be the best place to learn the most honest truths about a brand you’re considering. After all, people usually drop their most casual comments here, positive and negative.

“Free Trial Bottle”

Lastly, while there are legit companies out there that give out legit free trial bottles, there are those that are out to scam consumers. These offers usually come with low shipping and handling fees, and in exchange, you get a poor quality product. Then they’ll begin charging monthly on your credit card – sometimes, these charges go as high as $90 per month – until you terminate a subscription that you never enrolled for in the first place. Clearly, this is a scam that you’ll be better off avoiding.

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