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A Travel Guide on Marijuana Laws in Nevada

Cannabis sativa is the scientific name of marijuana, which is known for its many uses. Among them, the recreational and medical value that many people benefit from. You can smoke your marijuana as a cigarette; put it in a pipe or a bong. Medical benefits of marijuana include relieving cancer patients from pain. Socializing, refreshing and relieving stress are among the recreational benefits of marijuana. However, marijuana is not legal in every state. You will find marijuana being legal in a few states.

There e many rules put in place to control the use of marijuana even though it is made legal in these states. Different states have varying rules and regulations concerning marijuana. Among the states that have, legalized marijuana in Nevada. While considering to visit Nevada it will be wise to research on the laws of marijuana beforehand since going against them can have you facing the law. Ponder on the following points when considering buying marijuana in Nevada.

If you are below the age of 21 in Nevada, you are not allowed to buy marijuana. If you do not possess a valid ID and you are not 21 years old, you cannot buy marijuana in Nevada. Hence you will be required to produce one while shopping for marijuana. Citizens of Nevada or non-citizens are all required to be 21 years of age to be allowed to buy marijuana. Nevada laws do not hinder tourists to access marijuana as long as they are of the right age that is required by law. If your state does not allow marijuana, you can shop in Nevada as long as you are 21 years old.

Secondly, you can only purchase marijuana in legal dispensaries in Nevada. These dispensaries have a staff that is well trained to handle buyers and to advice hem properly in advance. Furthermore, purchasing in legalized dispensaries will make sure that you buy genuine marijuana that will not cause you problems.

If caught up smoking marijuana in a public space; you will end up facing the law. Smoking marijuana should be in private residence according to Nevada marijuana laws. For instance, you can do it in your backyard or your house. If you are caught smoking marijuana in the cities sidewalks or streets, the Nevada laws will prosecute you.

Lastly, you cannot purchase as much marijuana you wish. You will not be allowed to buy more than one ounce of marijuana if buying marijuana from legal dispensaries. The quantity of marijuana sold to you should not be more than 3.5 grams. The same rule applies to the amount that each individual is allowed to have at any time.

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